About Blue Line 


It all started when Cody, our founder, was talking with his mother-in-law, and she informed him that her dryer was taking forever to dry clothes and had started to smell like smoke! Since Cody was experienced in the HVAC field, he bought some equipment and cleaned the dryer vent!

It turned out Cody's mother in law had a small dryer fire! The dryer exhaust hose hadn't been cleaned out in at least 13 years. Luckily the lint had been wet and the fire didn't get much oxygen.

Cody cleaned out approximately 5 gallons of lint from her dryer vent! After that, he had neighbors and friends telling him they experienced similar symptoms of having smelled smoke and clothes taking forever to dry.

He decided he wanted to help others and educate home owners on the importance of cleaning their dryer vents and air ducts! Whether it is cleaning a dryer vent or responding to a 911 call, Cody loves serving people in his community!

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